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There is no usable application yet. The first step is to have a basic GUI editor for the objects of the animation. Document save, load and undo-redo (including undo-redo branches) is included also and the undo history is saved as part of the document.

Data model for a basic functionality is finished, framework for the GUI editor is partly finished, partly under development. The components to display the animation are working in a basic way (animation is displayed but not very user-friendly). Currently a simple application exists where the animation can be defined by using a simple text language (even this does not work for now) and this animation can be displayed. The editor components are under development.

The project uses the Qt toolkit for UI and data model and OpenSceneGraph for 3D graphics. It is developed using various IDEs but the configuration files for IDEs are not stored in the repository except from some example files. Currently only the Microsoft IDE is used. The project should compile with GCC and with the Microsoft compiler.

data model
particle movement

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